Identity Crisis

A new year... Almost.

Hey everyone...

Been a while since I got on here. A long, long while.

Check out this uplifting video.

I've been bugging people about playing for some time now, and it's nice to have video evidence of how the site really does help people around the world. :) Take a look if you have the time... and then go play some yourself. They've added a TON of new subjects to the site, so it's not just a vocabulary game anymore. Go learn some things and help feed hungry people in third world countries! Go!

On a more personal note, I start going to college full-time in a few weeks. Exciting. Hopefully it won't be too stressful, but you know me. I can stress over anything.

Beyond that, my dad wants me to get a job... I'd love to work somewhere like Barnes and Nobles, but the chance of that is pretty slim, so I don't know. I have to see how much free time I can afford after classes start back up again. It'd be nice to have some cash, though, if you know what I mean.

I pressure-washed the front porch for my dad this morning and got covered in dirt and mud. Shoulda charged him, huh? Dang.

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Never-ending Report Hell.

Just a quick post to prove that I haven't gone and died from college stress. Augh.

I have to edit a paper and get it sent off via email to my English Comp professor in about fifteen minutes, then I have another monstrous report due Friday. I'm settling in for a three-day haul, here.

On a brighter note, just got home on Sunday from AWA. Had loads of fun. Tired as mess and still recovering.

I took a bunch of awesome pictures of cosplayers. Will post the best ones up here soon, promise. (And yes, I did get a good costume together and I did go as Kairi. :3) And spent entirely too much money on cute buttons, phone charms, bookmarks, art prints and a pair of adorable, ribboned pink cat ears.

Also have been reading "The Devil's Panties" webcomic by Jennie Breeden. That's some hilarious, witty female humor. (No, it is not porn. I know what it sounds like, and no. Really.)

Sorry for the lack of grammatical finesse; I'm currently running off of only a 20 minute catnap because I was too stupid to force myself to go to bed last night. Here's hoping I don't fall asleep in Economics... Wish me luck.

BK Iced Mocha, I worship thee.

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Let's Rock!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Went to the studio today. :)

The Covenant painting is starting to pull itself together... My art coach said to go ahead and get Reid's hair in, so the skin tone will look more normal, and then go from there.

Dad wants me to sell it when it's all finished. (Where would I hang it, anyway?) But I don't know about that. Another guy from the studio tried to buy it off my art coach, Mr. Lucas (I wasn't even there at the time >_> Go figure.) but that was back when it was just a sketch and red background, so... Now that I'm putting more detail in it, it's probably not what he had in mind.

Has everyone else seen the official trailer from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? It. Looks. Amazing.

If you haven't, it's uploaded (in High Definition) right here.

Draco is going to be so awesome in this movie. (Tom Felton... Ahhh.)

Proof follows.



He's so... beautiful. And cold. And arrogant. And never, ever going to end up the winner, but who cares? I was still happy in the end (if you've read the last book, you know why.)

But I digress. The movie is also gonna have Tom Riddle's childhood in it, which is great. It's will be deliciously creepy. Child Voldemort for the win, guys.

And, is it just me, or did the actress who plays Hermione (Emma Watson, right? Her name escapes me at the moment, sorry) suddenly become really pretty? She looks so much more grown up in this film. Check it out:


Oh, yeah... And she's awesome for making the "messy waves/curls" look cool again, because that's how my hair naturally is, and having to wake up early to style it sucks. Haha.

I dunno. I didn't like the movies before this one, but I'm really excited for Half-Blood Prince. I guess cos all the characters are finally, you know, young adults. I can relate now, better than when they were eleven year olds.

Romance + Sexual tension + Fantasy + Horror + Action + Angsty, Scheming Draco = Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

All my favorite things mixed together.

It will be epic.

Be back soon. :)

Leaving for Kentucky and Dollywood this morning.

I'll be gone for about six days, I think, and probably won't have internet access for the majority of that time. (Not sure how I will cope. Haha.)

Seriously, I hope I can find some things to keep me occupied. Probably draw a ton of DMC fanart or something.

So... wishing everyone a happy and successful week! :) Talk to you all sooner or later.

P.S.: The 'Lucky Star' anime is absolutely adorable. I don't normally watch shows like this, but... it really is just too cute.

P.P.S.: And Kairi, because she rocks and I really want to cosplay as her. Or at least copy her awesome hairstyle.
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Yuna, Final Fantasy X2

Broke and bliss.

I just finished shopping for photo prints on

I ended up buying two by the fabulous =zardo (, and I now have a total of $2 to last me through the rest of June...

But I'm so happy. :) The prints are indescribably gorgeous, like scenes pulled straight out of a fantasy novel.

Only really amazing photos can bring those types of feelings out of me. Leaves me breathless, wishing I could be the one standing there instead! Someday I want to visit all of those beautiful places in the world for myself.

"Lost Souls" features a dark, stormy sky above a towering cathedral in Belgium. "Veurne Street" is a photo of a long, cobble-stone street that looks like a scene from an Old English movie set. I would like to put previews of them here, but I don't want to upset the photographer, as he has a very strict copyright on them both.

To see the full views of these lovely photos, please visit =zardo on the deviantART website. :)

You can see Lost Souls here:

and Veurne Street here:

...Well, it looks like I'm too broke to buy new shoes til the start of July. But that's okay! :) I can't wait to get these in the mail and hang them up. I'm excited...
Yuna, Final Fantasy X2

Writer's Block: Gender Bender

Do you ever want to be of the opposite sex? If so, what attracts you to the idea? If not, what repels you?
I don't think I could stand being a guy. Maybe for a day I could handle it, but longer than that? No way.

It's just so much fun being a girl. I'm not one of those "Oh mi god, girls, let's go buy that new boy-band CD and get some glitter eyeshadow from Claire's and make raunchy poses in Charlotte Russe until a hottie comes up to us!" type of chicks, but I do appreciate a LOT of the things only girls can do. I like nail polish. I like cute accessories like the stuff from I even kind of like pretty stationery. I love bright colors like white, orange, yellow, and pink. I occasionally drool and pine over hot actors. I think rainbows are pretty freakin' awesome. You get the picture. :)

Sure, girls have to deal with a lot of crap guys don't--periods, pregnancy, childbirth, everyone expecting you to look pretty all the time, society pressuring you to be thin. But we also have a lot of freedoms guys don't, too--we can hug our best friends and spend the night with another girl without people calling us "gay", etc. We can be clumsy or nerdy at times and people think it's cute. We can even be completely helpless at times and people have more patience with us because, after all, we're "girls". Guys, on the other hand, are always pressured to be "macho" and act tough, like "real men". They aren't as free to express their emotions, be affectionate with their male friends, stuff like that.

And, well... I'm a girl, through and through. I'd make an awful guy. I break down way too much. I'm accepting of homosexuals, which is a huge no-no for most men. I enjoy being pampered, and guys really don't get that a lot. I love plushies and chocolates and cute bathing suits. And sometimes, gosh darn it, I just need to be taken care of.

So, in other words, thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick with the gender I've been given. ;)
Yuna, Final Fantasy X2

Writer's Block: The Eternal Nocturnal Struggle

Vampires or werewolves?
Werewolves, of course. Vampires are so over-used, over-written, over-rated... And, let's be honest, here: Which seems more powerful to you, a thin, pale, sickly looking man with fangs, or a huge, hot-tempered, growling hunk of beastly rage?

Mmhmm. Werewolves: stronger, faster, sexier, and... well, manlier.

Sorry to all you vampire fangirls out there. I don't swoon over emaciated, anemic-looking, overly-mysterious-to-a-cliche-point men. I like my guys with a little muscle, a little animalistic passion, if you get my drift. ;) And whiny, blood-sucking vampires just can't cut it.

Besides, I'm Italian. You have to be able to stomach garlic to survive in this house! :P
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Writer's Block: Irksome Films

Talk about the movie that you love to hate the most, and why.

I cannot tolerate the movie "300".

And before you completely freak out, let me explain why.

Yes, the movie was excellent. The actors were unbelievable, the sets were gorgeous, and the plot was deliciously exciting. The film had all the classic themes of honor, pride, loyalty to one's homeland... Basically, the movie was a masterpiece, no?

And yet I left the theater half-way through. Ran out, pretty much, to the dismay of my boyfriend, who then followed me out of guilt. You see, there was one scene I simply could not handle, in all its dramatic glory: When the father watches his own son be beheaded right in front of him, and though he screams at him in warning, he can't stop it. Said father then proceeds to break down into hysteria before the rest of the Spartans.

I'm a very empathetic girl, and I just couldn't handle it. Scenes like that, that are so raw they shake you from the inside out, I can't bear to watch. Because I get very emotionally invested in movies, books, videogames; when something that terrible happens, I basically have a miniature meltdown myself. Pathetic? Yeah, probably. But that's just who I am.
Yuna, Final Fantasy X2

Devil May Cry madness.

So I've been on the most ridiculous DMC kick lately, and it's turning into a long-term ordeal.

Can you blame me, though? Dante is just too ridiculously cool. (You agree with me, don't you?)

Nevermind that I changed my desktop to a DMC 3 Dante wallpaper. I've also been playing DMC4 like mad and leveling up Nero and Dante by repeating the same missions over and over. AND I've been watching the cut scenes in the Story Theater just for kicks, too.

What really bugs me is that I've literally spent hours (time I could have used sleeping, mind you) watching the cutscene montages from all the DMC games thus far (excluding DMC4, as I'm playing through that one myself.) And gosh darn it if I don't think the kid that used his precious time to make those videos is terribly amazing. Because I do.

To top it all off, I got in a heated debate with a couple other fans over which game comes first chronologically, DMC2 or DMC4. (Evidently 4 comes first, though that raises an awful lot of questions about where Nero ran off to during 2.)

Ah, well. Excuse me while I go listen to "Shall Never Surrender" from the DMC4 soundtrack again. ;)